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2011-07-29 21:47:08 by Skychase2rebirth

Copyright: Anthony Lebrun Lapointe / Skychase2rebirth - 2011
[Verse 1]
Something's missing
Pieces suposed to be here
No more love, hate, nor regrets
Even mercy disapeared
I'm saturated
Please dear shut up
It's not complicated
For once darling, listen up.

Stop whining
You've got everything you wanted
But it is never enough
Now no one cares about you

Just cut it out
Those words leave everybody cold
You're hurt, I guess it's ok
'Cos I don't feel anything
(at least...)


You're so selfish
But what about me,
What about me ?!

[Verse 2]

We speak and speak, and still
Not close to understanding
Too dumb for realising
Heart as empty as your soul
Those tears mean nothing
That's it, I'm leaving


Stop whining again
You've got everything you wanted
But this was never enough
Now no one bear your presence (no more !)

So fucking bored
Hearing all of your complains
I'm hurt, I guess it's ok
We both feel no sympathy

If you could die right away
This angst would die too, maybe.
Would it be better this way
No need to apology.